Download 今日头条  APK

Download 今日头条 APK

Description of 今日头条

今日头条 is a News & Magazines App for android.

Download last version of 今日头条 for Android from APK Android Download for free directly from Google play to your computer. This 今日头条 updated on the . NoAds, Virus and malware FREE, and Faster APK downloads. Best of all, it’s free.

官方推荐精品应用 单用户使用时长超过76分钟

热点资讯应有尽有 — 智能算法推荐你感兴趣的信息、无数明星大V在这里跟你互动;
人人都是原创作者 — 发布自己的微头条、与千万网友在问答区参与热点讨论;
发现生活记录生活 — 有全网精彩无广告短视频,也有草根生活喊麦达人原创小视频;
专属领域满足个性 — 分类连载小说漫画超快更新,足球美妆全部覆盖;

基于机器学习的个性化资讯推荐引擎,5 秒算出你的兴趣,每日 1000 多位工程师精心优化算法,只为每一次推荐都更加精准,让阅读更加有用高效。



【丰富频道 你要的都在这里】
一手体育新闻 热辣赛事点评



Today’s headlines, the most understand your information platform
Officially recommended boutique app for more than 76 minutes
Nearly 100 million netizens are heading with you!

Hot news has everything – intelligent algorithms recommend information you are interested in, countless stars big V to interact with you here;
Everyone is an original author — publishing their own micro-headlines, and participating in hot discussions with thousands of netizens in the Q&A area;
Discover life record life – there is a full-page wonderful non-advertising short video, and there is also a grassroots life called Madda original small video;
The exclusive field meets the personality – the classified serial novels are super fast updated, and the football beauty is fully covered;

Today’s headline, the more you know the information client
Personalized information recommendation engine based on machine learning, calculate your interest in 5 seconds, more than 1000 engineers carefully optimize the algorithm every day, only for each recommendation is more accurate, making reading more useful and efficient.

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Upload and publish exclusive content, you can also make headlines!
Super multi-star big V settles in, pays attention to first-hand dynamics, and interacts with idols.

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Movie and TV funny entertainment game life… covering the whole network with millions of wonderful short videos
No ads, no traffic, no matter how hot the hot news is,

[Enriched channels, all you want is here]
Massive novels for free reading, super clear comics
First-hand sports news Hot event reviews

[hot question and answer area]
Recommend more accurate content for you, participate in high-quality content creation, discuss hot topics
“Everyone asks everyone, everyone answers everyone”

[Personalized content support collection]
800,000+ headlines, all the wonderful information, there are content, opinions and time
Favorite content one-click collection, history search without pressure

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App Information of 今日头条

App Name 今日头条
Package Name
Rating 5.3 ( 7048 )
Size 24.1 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Installs 100,000+

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