Download Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro 2.4 APK

Download Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro 2.4 APK

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Description of Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro

Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro is a Tools App for android.

Download last version of Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro for Android from APK Android Download for free directly from Google play to your computer. This Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro 2.4 updated on the 2017-10-07. NoAds, Virus and malware FREE, and Faster APK downloads. Best of all, it’s free.

*Most light-weight Root Checker app*

Root Checker is free light-weight app to verify or check if yourAndroid device has proper root (superuser or su) access. This isthe most accurate root checking app without any ads.

This app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installed on yourandroid device, it also tells the busy box path. This app isforever free.

In addition to root/super user checking and busy box, this app alsogives the following build information about your android device-

• Brand
• Bootloader
• Display
• Fingerprint
• Hardware
• Model
• Product
• Serial
• Tags
• Type
• User
• Codename
• Incremental
• Release

Root Checker was made for users to easily check for root useraccess(super user) on their phones. This will notify users of theabove information. This is a simple application that root access byaccessing the “su” binary that is installed on a user’s phone whenrooting their phone. Also, the application, “SuperUser” must beinstalled and working properly as well in order for the process towork.

This application provides even the newest Android user with asimple method to check their device for root (administrator,superuser, or su) access. The application provides a very simpleuser interface that easily notifies the user whether or not theyhave properly setup root (superuser) access.

With this application, you can easily find out if your device hasroot (superuser) access. It is a very simple, quick and reliablemethod to get these info. Root Checker will check and verify thatthe su binary is located in a standard location on the device. Inaddition, Root Checker will verify that the su binary is properlyfunctioning in granting root (superuser) access.

A lot of times, users experience issues about the installationpath, configuring and gaining root access. The process could besimple for advanced users but for some users, the process isdifficult. Regardless of the user’s technical skill set, RootChecker, will quickly and correctly verify whether or not rootaccess is correctly functioning. The process of confirming rootaccess is sometimes known by other terms such as, gaining superuseraccess or gaining administrator access. Root Checker covers allthese terms as they relate to one core function, being able toexecute commands through the su binary with root access.

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App Information of Root/SU Checker & Busy Box Pro

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