Download Stay Safe Pro – Personal Safety App 1.0.0 APK

Download Stay Safe Pro – Personal Safety App 1.0.0 APK

Description of Stay Safe Pro - Personal Safety App

Stay Safe Pro – Personal Safety App is a News & Magazines App for android.

Download last version of Stay Safe Pro – Personal Safety App for Android from APK Android Download for free directly from Google play to your computer. This Stay Safe Pro – Personal Safety App 1.0.0 updated on the 2017-10-13. NoAds, Virus and malware FREE, and Faster APK downloads. Best of all, it’s free.

The world is not a safe place! Over 1000peoplelose their lives daily in natural disasters, terroristattacks andother reasons.

Don’t be one of them! You can change this right now! Keepyourselfand your loved ones safe with StaySafe!

The Stay Safe app protects you from the tense global situationandthe increasing number of threatening emerging situations,fromterrorist attacks to natural disasters and everythinginbetween.

This life saving app uses global positioning to locate yourexactlocation on the globe and warns you about dangerousoccurrences inyour area that can be hazardous to you and yourfamily’slife.

The App immediately notifies you when a dangerous event occuresinyour nearby area and, most important, gives you the best way outofdanger! Some of the categories of events covered by theStay-SafeApp are: terrorist attacks, war zones, riots, gang fights,naturaldisasters (wildfires, fires, floods, tsunamis, vulcanoerruptionsand instabilities, storms, hurricanes, tsunami andgeneral menacingweather and natural events), and any otherpotentially dangerousand notable situations.

You just need to keep StaySafe installed on your mobile deviceandgive it the access to your location. Don’t worry, we won’ttrackyour location for any other purposes than keeping you safe!Alsoyou don’t need to keep the application open because it isrunningin the background all the time and notifies you aboutdangers,guarding your life without you having to do anything. For amore indepth and detailed view you can open the application andexpandindividually all the global dangerous events.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, stay safe starting today!

You need the Stay-Safe App because it’s your most reliable allyinan unsafe world!

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